Friday, August 17, 2012

Hack Attack!

My children recently met a local "no-makeup" clown and juggler at a library presentation. They thought he was the coolest ever! 

He gave the crowd tips and advice on how to juggle so my son wants to try. He came home and googled "hacky sacks" and then promptly decided he didn't want to pay the prices he was seeing. So he puppy eyed me and begged me to make a set for him.

So, I give you the first ever Unofficial SMT Hacky Socks. lol Free and lifetime repairs and replacement, can't beat that. ;)

Having a crafty mom really comes in handy at times... Since I recently made this for my daughter's dance recital, a few juggling balls aren't too big of a request for my darling first born.

I have to say that I really do like crafting for and with my kids (even when I get stressed and think it's 'All going wrong!!' lol) and I hope that they will keep these memories and special moments in their hearts forever. 

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