Monday, September 10, 2012

Life threw off my groove

I really was cruising right along. Then my daughter had surgery, which I talked about a bit. Well, about a week after we came home I started feeling "off". List of symptoms aside it turns out that due to stress, crappy sleep/eating I developed a lovely case of Shingles... yea, that rocked.... said no one, EVER!

It was miserable. I was miserable. lol Obviously I didn't sew. I didn't blog. It was just UGH.

So I'm back and trying to finally begin work on an order I should have already completed. I made a new template, sewed the body, cut the excess fabric, and really looked at it... It's a complete fail. This was actually a first. I've made mistakes, have thing I want to tweak for other toys, etc. But to fully fail where I have to run to the store for a new sock, that has never happened until yesterday.

But today, my friends, today is a NEW day! And I'm going to show this sock who is in charge. *fingers crossed*

Did You Know?: Giant Arctic jellyfish have tentacles that can reach over 118 feet in length.

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