Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How bout them dawgs?

Ok, so really just one "dawg". This toy was a great lesson in humility for me. I've certainly completed more complex designs but for some reason this little bulldog just put me right in my place. I have to be honest, he is not my favorite toy. I think I could have done better. Sometimes the first editions just don't turn out the way I want them, the way I picture them in my head. It's a good reminder that I'm not always in control of these socks and the creatures they become. At times they just have a mind of their own. lol

I've warmed to this little guy the more I look at him, I'm seeing more sweetness and less of my own mistakes. He was ordered by a friend for her daughters friend so he hasn't made it to his final home but I think he will be well loved.

How many clicks does it take

to see the cutest girl owl ever? Just this one!  I just loved the first OWL I made so when one of my dear friends ordered a girly owl I was so excited to make it. And, honestly, I think the end result was so much cuter than I pictured at the start. She is probably my favorite toy at this point, of course as an artist I often love my newest creations the most until the next one. lol

She is so super sweet with her pink body with cream hearts. I love the way the eyelashes worked and I think they give her that extra girly pop!

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