Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Living Color!

And in a total departure from vintage....  Modern Modern Modern. Crazy patterns, Bright colors, FUN.

This is total my sock toy approach. I love big and loud! I was recently attacked the the store by all of these new wonderful socks and they forced me to buy them. ;) Okay, I may have a bit of an addiction. But I just can't pass them up when I can see how amazingly they will be as new toys. I'm weak I tells ya, WEAK! Look how fabulous they are though....

Had to grab the blues, boyish colors are harder to find.

Hearts, dots, zebra, stripes!!! Yes, please!

They are just begging to be animals, how can I say no? 

And this is where they live when I bring them home. Isn't it cozy. So when you order a toy I come and stare at the 'Wall Of Sock' and pull out all the options that might fit your color preferences. I also have a cart of bits and pieces. I save everything, never know when it will come in handy. :D

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