Thursday, January 10, 2013

Start as you mean to go on

That is certainly a motto for this year. I started the year doing numerous projects around the house, including a total craft lair cleaning and re-organization. 

It is so very easy for our work spaces to get cluttered and out of sorts. Especially if you are busy and move through many projects in a short time frame. I know I tend to put stuff away "just enough" to be able to grab my next supplies and off I go! But I certainly couldn't start a new year with that kind of chaos. It is a joy to work in a clean, smartly arranged area. And I do indeed want 2013 to be filled with joy, crafting, and lots of success. 

We have hit the ground running with new orders (and some inquiries/suggestions of new ventures, hmmm. Somethings to think about for sure!).

Right before Christmas I received an order for a platypus, so she was first in the queue after the holiday hustle and bustle was over and done with. I finished her today and can't wait to get her off to her new family. I hope they love her as much as I do. :D

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