Monday, October 1, 2012

Shop and save!

It's October first. There is a nip to the air (even here in Texas!) And it is time to start thinking about your holiday shopping. Holidays are quickly approaching. We have only 85 more days until Christmas!!

As promised I've set the website up with a coupon. For the fabulous month of October you will get 15% off every toy you order. And for those of you that have a big shopping list, there is also free shipping on all orders over $80!

Just use this link to get started :D

Speaking of holidays... I stumbled upon a pretty cute idea for Easter. I was thinking of a chicken (hen) then thought of eggs and then of course of cute fat lil baby chicks when suddenly I wondered if I could do a reversible toy egg/chicken so kids could switch it back and forth depending on how they were playing. Here is the result...   My husband suggested doing an egg/bunny too. One of our facebook fans commented they these would be perfect Easter basket stuffers, and I think she is right. I'm going to to play around with the details a bit... maybe little feet for the chick.

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