Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How we do it.

One of my online friends recently wrote about how she balances her Work At Home time and her job as a Mom. It is a great read and it inspired me to share how things flow around here. Please read her post here:   Laura M. Talley

Now with me, things are a bit more loosey goosey though I'm sure that is not a surprise to most of you. ;) I think that with a craft business it bleeds over into all the other parts of our lives... a LOT. I can't really work set hours, I work all through the day. Some days I only get a few minutes in between errands and other family obligations. Other days I get to work straight through until my head and eyes just cannot take one more minute. 

I have a craft room but I rarely work in there. It is a lifesaver for all my supply storage though. I mainly sew on my couch, in the living room. I watch tv/movies to keep me focused so I don't get up and wander around aimlessly. The up side to working in the common space is that I am available for questions, school help, and just all around needs. The down side is exactly the same... some days I feel like the second I pick up a needle I have a kid or a dog in my face. lol 

But for now, it works. I'd love to see and hear how other people are blending work and home. Did you have something you thought was going to be a perfect set up only to have it totally fail? What do you do if you have a deadline and a sick kid or other family drama that will not let you work? 


The Smiths said...

Interesting topic! I'd go nuts if I had to keep specific hours. Luckily I can be very flexible. Problem is I usually focus more on house stuff and don't end up getting much work done.

The past month I've started something new - putting blocks of time on my calendar 2 days a week, just for focusing on my Etsy store. That way I schedule other things around that whenever possible. It's starting to pay off and I am getting more done on the work side. I don't have to use the whole block for sewing, or whatever project I am working on. But I am beginning to see more things accomplished since I started this. Baby steps.

I am also doing more work now that I have a dedicated space and don't have to leave things out in the dining room. I hated how that looked so I would clean it up. Then I wouldn't want to start again. My studio space can stay messy mid-project. It's a timesaver!

Of course I still do all my knitting on the sofa. Cause that's where the TV is!

Laura S.

Venus said...

Having your own space is such a mental thing, isn't it? Even if you don't craft IN in, it really seems to help so much.

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